Architecture becomes Art when one unconsciously or consciously creates aesthetic emotion in the atmosphere and that environment produces well-being
— Luis Barragan





'Staging' is the process by which we can add value to a property at the point of sale. It is tool used by home-owners and developers alike to increase saleability. It is particularly valuable when a property is either devoid of furniture, is outdated and needs modernising or simply needs to attract a particular sort of buyer. Furniture and accessories are generally hired for the term they are required.


'Styling' also adds value to a property. The main difference being that Interior Styling utilises the client's own belongings to achieve an improved aesthetic or additional items are brought in to compliment the existing. Styling is generally used in situations such as holiday home rental improvements or for display units. Items remain on the property and are therefore purchased by the owners.  

The 'WOW' Factor

The old adage 'First Impressions Count' couldn't be truer than when you're selling your property! You will have heard the expression 'the Wow Factor'? People may say that this is an 'indefinable something' that grabs at your heartstrings and makes you 'fall in love' with a property... except that it's not indefinable! At Ecoluxe we have the know-how and proven experience in creating that ''Wow Factor'. This translates, in practical terms, to a higher return and/or a quicker sale for you - the vendor.

Example of a room before and after staging

Example of a room before and after staging

Creating an Understanding

Potential buyers often have difficulty understanding how spaces could 'work' and how they could be used. Staging demonstrates the flow and function of a space. 

Maximising Appeal

Our job is also to maximise their appeal to as many people as possible. What appeals to you may not appeal to everyone. We work closely with your realtor in understanding the current market and who the most likely buyer will be. We then direct our approach at that audience. Our personal story follows;

Our Story:

In 2005, after the death of my father, my mother found their house to large. She wanted to downsize. We called in the Realtors and a Valuer for an estimation of its value. The valuations came in between $900,000 and $1,100,000. I knew we 'had the bones'' of a great building but it was dated and not designed for modern living. After a renovation to the value of $500,000 we sold the house for a record price of $3.3 million. That's a sizeable profit - whichever way you look at it! 

A Newspaper article about our successful sale. 

A Newspaper article about our successful sale. 

Of course, not every house requires that level of investment, but it is proof that if you are willing to spend more on presentation the pay-offs can be significant, not only in terms of finances but in terms of time it takes to sell the house - and let's face it, time is money!Many properties take months to sell. Ours took three weeks! A significant saving!

Please see our blog for tips on what you can do to make sure your property stands out from the rest or call us on the number below and we can come around and take a look!